Our agile, ready to use clinical trial activation strategies and frameworks provide a coordinated and collaborative approach to building a high caliber program that effectively support studies throughout the process.

Our partners gain access to the core elements required to have a successful clinical research site:

Simplified, Turn-Key Operations

We are committed to making the overall process streamlined and easier on practice staff.  With our proven tools, frameworks, manuals, and SOP’s, you gain an optimized operating process and speed to startup.

We also take care of all of administrative and regulatory needs so that you can focus on what’s most important . . . your patients.

Staff Recruitment & Retention

People are the core of your business, and we take that very seriously.  We are able to rapidly integrate highly qualified and certified coordinators into your practice.  We believe in staying at the forefront of care and therefore provide continuing education and training to all of our team members.

Patient Recruitment & Retention

You’ll benefit from our rich experience in communications and marketing programs.  We provide unique patient recruitment and retention strategies with a strong focus on patient education and engagement.

Together, we create programs that will radically transform the health and wellness of those we serve

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Helen Combs is a visionary strategist who possesses an uncanny ability to foresee industry trends and navigate organizations through challenges.


This team brings a special blend of integrity, grit, leadership, connections in the industry, and a drive to get things done.
Their expertise propelled our program forward – We are so grateful to have found them


Kirstan brings a unique passion and creative approach to business growth and patient engagement. She sees possibilities and opportunities that help her partners achieve bigger and better things for all.

Without clinical research, advanced treatments, medicines, and vaccines that have the potential to save millions of lives would never come to fruition.

Research plays a pivotal role in advancing medical knowledge, improving patient outcomes, and enhancing the visibility and reputation of healthcare organizations. Additionally, research offers an important opportunity to further engage and recruit new providers.

But overload & strain on providers and their staff continue to present barriers to entry.

85 %

Of those that begin

research, 85% miss

their targeted


30 %

Most struggle with

patient retention, with

dropout rates of 30%

(and 11% fail to enroll

a single patient.)

48 %

Clinical Research staff

has seen increasingly

high turnover rates,

averaging 48%.

Medovation Clinical Research Is Your Solution

We alleviate common challenges with staffing, patient recruitment/retention and continued administrative burden, providing the support and expertise you need to build a streamlined, patient-focused, high quality research site.

We are proud to offer you our deep experience in the startup phase while we strive to work closely with our clinical partners to match trials that align with their passions and areas of interest as well as the needs of their patient base.

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